Sound Healing

We are all things. We are the cage, we are the key to the cage and the freedom that lies beyond it.

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is the most ancient forms of healing on earth. It is a form of energy healing, that pre dates all others.

Everything is energy. Quantam physics has finally caught up with with what our ancestors inately knew and felt.

A sound healing practitioner is like a bridge between the human world and the unseen world of energy. All of our memories are held there & it is the work of the therapist, to tune into that energy on behalf of the client to retrieve the information that will support you in healing and becoming whole.  

Sound Healing can help you by: 

  • Supporting you in pressing the "reset" button on your life
  • Revitalising your energy
  • Make you feel more vibrant and radiant
  • Have more balance and harmony in all areas of your life. 
  • More motivated and enthusiatic about life
  • Support you in being yourself and being true to yourself in all areas of your life. 
  • Bring more joy, peace and love into your heart and your life & your relationships. 
  • Relief from stress 
  • Emotional & mental wellbeing - anxiety, emotional issues, Insomnia. 
  • Relief from pain, increased ability to deal with pain or chronic health issues. 
  • Better energy levels - deep relaxation can give your body a well earned break. 
  • Relief from common issues - hypertension, digestive issues, depression, fertility

As sound therapist I can assist you in letting go of what you no longer need, making space for more good in your life. You may have picked up unwanted energy throughout your life, energy that does not belong to you but effects you on a day to day basis.

This might show up as: 

  • Feeling stuck in life
  • Negative attitude towards life
  • Unwanted habits and behaviours
  • Addiction
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Feeling like you can't be yourself
  • Feeling ungrounded in the present - always thinking about the past or always ahead in the future.
  • Physical illness

Feel whole, balanced and restored.

I can support you in bringing all the parts of you back home. 

Helping you to feel whole, balanced, restored and in harmony with yourself and those around you.

During our lives we have many experiences that have are traumatic or shocking, as mechanism for coping with what has happened a part of our soul/energy/essence leaves us.

In the world of pychotherapy this is known as disassociation. When this part of our energy leaves us in order for us to cope with the crisis we become less of who we truly are.

“Phrases such as "I'm beside myself," "I was frightened to pieces," "I feel lost," "I feel like part of me is missing," originated from a sense of soul loss.”
― S. Kelley Harrell,

This "loss" of parts of ourselves shows up in many ways:

  • Inabilty to cope 
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Physical illness, chronic illnesses. 
  • Not feeling like yourself
  • Inability to get back to "normal" after a crisis. 

Sound healing can help you to integrate these lost parts of yourself that needed to go into hiding at the time of crisis.

This will help you to: 

  • Feel whole again.
  • Feel happier & joyful
  • More confident
  • More present
  • More optimistic
  • Enthusiatic about life again
  • Better able to cope with life
  • More motivated & able to set intentions and goals for yourself. 
  • Improve your overall health and wellbeing, reduce pain and improve chronic illnesses. 
  • Let go of patterns and habits that have been holding your back from being the true you. 
  • Better relationships
  • More Balance in all areas of your life. 

What happens in a session

I use sound as my main tool for the healing, I also use hands on healing during the sessions. I may also use acupuncture and may suggest a flower essence or herbal blend. 

I will bring you on a journey, during which you will be gently guided into deep relaxation by meditation, deep breathing and gentle sound vibrations.

Think dim lights, sacred sounds, peace and relaxation! Surrounded by the magical sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, gong, rain stick, shamanic drum, tingshas, bells & rattles. 

I will begin our sessions by taking a comprehensive history from you. After discusssing your needs we will create a wellness plan tailored to you.

You will lie on a massage table, fully clothed. You will be guided by my voice into relaxation where the sounds will then take over and will bring you into a very peaceful meditative state.

You will be held in a safe sacred space for the duration of the session, allowing you to bring to the surface the wounds that need healing. 

Depending on what condition, issue you have presented with, I will use various instruments and techniques suited to your needs. You may be asked to give feedback during the session while I continue to use different techniques and use various instruments on or off your body. 

After your session we will discuss how it went for you, what came up, how you felt and where you would like to go from here.

How long is a session?  Your session will last 60 minutes

How can I prepare for my sesssion? 

Come with an open mind and heart. With trust that you are in the right place at the right time and that your inner guidance has brought you to me at this time.  Wear comfortable, loose clothing. Do not eat a heavy meal before your session. 

How many sessions will I need?

To begin with I usually recommend a course of at least 4 treatments. This helps you get a feel for the therapy & allows your body to adjust.

Most people see an improvement during the first four sessions and usually enjoy them so much they continue with the sessions! 

Cost? €70 per session. 

" You can look at disease as a form of disharmony. And there's no organ system in the body that's not affected by sound and music and vibration." Mitchell Gaynor