Pain & Injuries

Acupuncture, herbalism and sound healing have been around a very long time, they have stood the test of time because they treat the whole person on all levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

What has that got to do with pain? It has a lot to do with it!

Aside from an acute injury - sports injury or accident.

Most chronic long term pain conditions will have an effect on you not just on a physical level. You will likely have pychological effects of your condition too, ranging from mild to moderate depression, anxiety, insomnia, feelings of sadness, lonliness, frustration, anger.

Living with a chronic condition may mean you have to adapt your lifesytle around your injury, this may mean missing out on things/events, rearranging your work hours, arranging your life around your pain. This causes stress and tension which can exhasterbate the condition even further. 

The good news is, acupuncture, sound therapy and herbalism can support you on all levels emotionally for the feelings of stress, physically for the pain and spritually for the feeling that you are somehow disconnected & feeling like "is this it?" or "why me"  type questions and feelings. 

These therapies alone or combined can help you: 

  • Decrease pain levels by triggering the body to produce endorphins, serotonin, adenosine and endogenous opioids --- the body’s natural pain-relieving chemicals
  • Relieve muscle tension and spasm, break up adhesion, improve muscle stiffness and joint mobility and ease the pressure on nerves.
  • Reduce pain medications & medication used to treat your chronic condition ( always consult your doctor to adjust medication, never attempt to do this by yourself). 
  • Reduce the frequency of the occurance of the pain - migraines, headaches, flare ups 
  • Sporting injuries or pain -  Increase local circulation, helps with the dispersal of swelling and bruising and decreases healing time
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Increased blood circulation - this can help reduce pain levels. In chinese medicine we call this increased circulation of qi and blood which can benefit overall health and feelings of well being. 
  • Releases vascular and immune-modulatory factors, reduces inflammation and promotes the immune system
  • Regulates hormones leading to decrease in symptoms and pain. 
  • Increased ability to cope with life especially if living with a chronic disease or debilitating injury or condition. Supports the autonomic nervous system that allows us to deal more easily with stress on the body and reduces stress levels. 
  • Better sleep, better mood and overall increase in quality of life. 

What conditions do you treat?

All types of pain and injuries can be treated with acupuncture, herbs and sound. 

If your pain is not listed here, don't worry, just get in touch and see how I can help. 

Women's health issues such as dysmennorhea (heavy bleeding) & cramps.

Endometriosis - Researchers find acupuncture more effective than hormone drug therapy for the treatment of endometriosis. Acupuncture relieves menstrual pain due to endometriosis, reduces the size of pelvic masses, lowers CA125 levels, and reduces the recurrence rate of endometriosis. CA125 a is biomarker for several types of cancer and benign conditions including endometriosis and menstrual disorders.

Sports injuries & injuries caused by accident - sprain, strains, muscle and ligament injuries.

Shoulder injury, rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome

Neck pain, whiplash 

Back pain, muscle pain, slipped disc, sciatica

Knee pain, arthritis, ligament injury. 

Ankle & foot pain and injury

Migraine & headaches 

Hayfever & sinusitus

Dental pain. 

Arthritis, Rhuematoid arthritis, osteoarthritis. 

Digestive issues - colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, chron's disease, colic, reflux


Multiple Sclerosis

Acupuncture have been proven to have significant effects on the management of acute and chronic pain management and injuries.

I have studied and practice abdominal acupucture,  research has shown that it is effective in the treatment of pain & in this study specifically neck pain:

Research shows that acupuncture may be better than non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs for the treatment of back pain

Acupuncture is an effective pain reliever for back and neck pain, osteoarthritis and chronic headache.

Another study showed blood flow in the body increases after acupuncture needles are inserted

Sound therapy has a positive effect on pain too, people with fibromyalgia found that ten treatments (twice per week for five weeks) of low-frequency sound stimulation improved sleep and decreased pain, allowing nearly three-fourths of participants to reduce pain medication.

Another study found that an hour long sound meditation helped people reduce tension, anger, fatigue, anxiety, and depression while increasing a sense of spiritual well-being. The sound meditation used a range of Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, gongs, Ting-shas (tiny cymbals), dorges (bells), didgeridoos, and other small bells all of witch are used in my sessions.